Tele-Mental Health Services

Now fully licensed in the State of Florida and California (tele-health exclusively), as well as Ohio.

Minding Matters will continue to provide tele-mental health services as well as in-person sessions as per your preference. We are no longer requiring masks in the general waiting area and as long as you have had no Covid exposure and are healthy you may continue to keep masks off in session.

TO SCHEDULE: Call 440.835.0664 or Email [email protected]

I will be out of the office December 1st, 2023 –  January 4th, 2024

All appointments will be conducted virtually during this period.

Counseling in the Cleveland and Westlake, Ohio Area

Individual Psychotherapy, Infertility, and Couple/Relationship Counseling

Counseling is designed to help you begin a process of change whether it is something inside you that you want to understand better or a way of being in your relationship(s) or life that you want to transform. Counseling is a dynamic process that requires a commitment from both the client and the therapist. I believe that this fit is critical to the success of any therapy outcome.
 I encourage prospective clients to call for a more detailed explanation of services.

To speak to Dr. Liz O’Donnell personally: 440.835.0664

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Physical healing was significantly impacted by an individual’s emotional and mental well-being.

Her counseling philosophy follows an integrative (mind-body) approach including some cognitive behavioral strategies.

I believe that my role is to help clients clarify how they think, feel, and act toward their lives.