Tele-Mental Health Services

Now fully licensed in the State of Florida (tele-health exclusively), as well as Ohio.

Due to the ongoing pandemic Minding Matters will continue to provide tele-mental health services until it is safe to resume full in-person sessions. Certain pre-discussed exceptions will allow for in-person meetings on Wednesdays and some weekends when no-one else is in the office.  Clients will be required to wait in their car until they receive a text to enter for their appointment and a mask will be required at all times unless clients have been fully vaccinated as per CDC guidelines.

TO SCHEDULE: Call 440.835.0664 or Email

Tele-Mental Health Services Available Now

Counseling in the Cleveland and Westlake, Ohio Area

Individual Psychotherapy, Infertility, and Couple/Relationship Counseling

Counseling is designed to help you begin a process of change whether it is something inside you that you want to understand better or a way of being in your relationship(s) or life that you want to transform. Counseling is a dynamic process that requires a commitment from both the client and the therapist. I believe that this fit is critical to the success of any therapy outcome.
 I encourage prospective clients to call for a more detailed explanation of services.

To speak to Dr. Liz O’Donnell personally: 440.835.0664

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Physical healing was significantly impacted by an individual’s emotional and mental well-being.

Her counseling philosophy follows an integrative (mind-body) approach including some cognitive behavioral strategies.

I believe that my role is to help clients clarify how they think, feel, and act toward their lives.