Infertility Counseling

Know your options.

Liz O’Donnell, PhD has two sons conceived through IVF, after 6 yrs of infertility, who are now 34 and 32 years old. She has a unique personal and professional perspective on the struggle of infertility and has been providing the services listed below in Ohio for over 23 years. Liz also completed her home-study assessor training (Tier I) and has extensive experience helping couples transition toward and through third party gamete donation and adoption. Liz recently completed a postgraduate certificate in advanced studies in bioethics at Cleveland State University and her master’s of legal studies, with an emphasis on bioethics and family law, in May 2023.

You can read Liz’s PhD dissertation at the following link

Liz is licensed in Ohio, Florida, and California as a mental health professional and licensed to practice physical therapy in Ohio. She is also a professional member of The American Society for Reproductive Medicine: For information on infertility success rates both nationally and locally please visit: