Divorce Coaching

Liz O’Donnell, PhD, LPCC-S, PT, MLS
Nationally Board Certified Counselor

As a mental health professional with over 25 years of experience working with couples and families I understand the complex issues that contribute to ending a marriage, as well as the fears and resistance that can get in the way of a healthy divorce.

I am also aware that the decision to terminate a relationship is often made over an extended period of time with many changes in direction and extended emotional turmoil. It is my goal to facilitate the most amicable and just ending of a family structure. A family that has been defined one way can move toward being equally well defined in some other way.

My intention is to help you move in the direction of family preservation despite relationship termination.

In addition to being a PhD level licensed professional clinical counselor I am also a certified professional coach, have earned a master’s in legal studies, including family law and mediation, and have my Ohio Supreme Court Specialized Family/Divorce Mediation Training Certification.

I will help you to prepare to navigate the mediation/divorce process with integrity, strategy, confidence and momentum.

I am not an attorney so cannot give you legal advice, however, as a trained mediator and doctoral level mental health professional I can provide you with essential information and guidance AND, most importantly, a path toward divorce that will minimize regret and impulsive decision making.

I am also a physical therapist and infant developmental specialist with many years of experience working with families and young children, especially families with children with special needs and vulnerable health concerns.

My style of divorce coaching is particularly helpful for individuals who know that they are ready to terminate their marriage, want to do so as reasonably and respectfully as possible, and have every intention of doing so through mediation rather than a litigated divorce.

I have extensive experience working with heterosexual, same-sex and diversely oriented partnerships.

I am open to working with all genders, identities, orientations and configurations.

Working with me will prepare you for mediation or divorce and save you both unnecessary additional emotional turmoil and excessive financial expenditure.

I am here to help when you are ready.