For those of you struggling to become mothers, Mother’s Day is a tough holiday full of conflicting spaces and unfulfilled dreams – when you might be asked to honor your own mother while continuing to grieve your loss of motherhood. Infertility is one of many difficult life paths that while you are in the heat of walking can feel as though you will perpetually feel burned.  It is my hope that if you have a mother that they understand the solitude of your current struggle and won’t ask more from you than you have to give; if you are a mother that you imagine what it would be like to lose that identity and the loss that this would bring and reach out to your child in compassion; if you have lost your mother that you stand in the grace of that space and feel the truth of that relationship; and, if you have lost a child that you continue to hold the place as their mother in magnificent esteem – we will all some day have to learn to love from over here while those we have lost continue over there…stay strong for yourselves and each other.