What an exciting opportunity for me to return to Bourn Hall Clinic in Cambridge where, after many years of trying to conceive I finally became pregnant using frozen embryo with my oldest son, who is now 28 years old. Although I grew up in England I was living in Canada when I began my infertility journey and returned to the UK for treatment in 1987 after several unsuccessful rounds of IVF in Toronto. I was not a psychotherapist then, I was a physical therapist working as a free lance agent for commercial artists and photographers (that’s another story). However, as the years moved on and I was further gifted with another son I started a second career as a neonatal developmental specialist and this was where I laid my reproductive health roots. I worked in the intensive care nursery for 10 years, first earning my master’s in counseling and then, after moving to Ohio, where I completed my PhD.  My dissertation was on development of a mind-body program for effective emotional support during the infertility journey, and the rest as they say is history. to return to Bourn Hall as a grateful patient and passionate clinician was especially meaningful and I hope to return regularly and the next time take some photos:(

Below is a short handout that I put together for those who attended the above support meeting. This which will be only a small part of a much larger program that I will be doing in the Fall with Ann Driscoll, acupuncturist.