This is one side of the current debate about donated gametes -thoughts everyone?

How would YOU feel if one day you found out that your father was actually a sperm donor? For this brave woman, the moment she uncovered the dark ‘family secret’ shattered her life forever

Emma Cresswell and Joanna Rose on finding out they are a sperm donor's child

Joanna Rose (pictured left, today, and centre, aged 18 months) was eight when she remembers walking past the family living room and seeing her father sobbing. She was surprised and upset to see Daddy, a respected consultant haematologist, crying. Shocked and deeply concerned, she immediately went to him, gave him a cuddle and asked what was wrong. ‘We went for a walk in the park, and it was there he told me about donor conception and said: “I’m not your father,”‘ recalls Joanna. ‘It was very difficult for me to make sense of it at that age.’ Meanwhile, Christine Whipp (far right) was 41 when her mother told her she was donor-conceived.

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